Kevin Eldon: Speakers #7 – Transmission

Kevin Eldon is one of the UK’s finest comedy actors. For this exclusive series Kevin has written a series of monologues, lectures, soliloquys. All of which, no doubt, squat toad-like upon the cusp of delerium.

4 thoughts on “Kevin Eldon: Speakers #7 – Transmission

  1. Andrew Roberts

    Just the thing to annoy your friends who are intent on explaining why your life would be better if you wrapped yourself in an orange bedsheet and shaved your head.

  2. Richard Higlett

    Eldon speaks the voice of accepted untruths that are not understood without being known, while accepted as knowledge.
    From the Idiots Directory Oxford University Press, 1927 written by an idiot.

    I aspire for a greater understanding of petty-grand foolishness. One day I will have false teeth and such things will be possible.
    Thank you for showing the way to meaningless practice which through its very existence has meaning. Embrace the ways of the fool and flick the V’s at the 21st Century.

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