Marvin Suicide : 167 – I love what you’ve done with your hair.

I was roller skating to the factory last night along my usual route and about 15 minutes into the journey noticed the sound of someone else on skates behind me. I looked round (as inconspicuously as one can on roller skates) and saw a figure dressed in dark purple with one of those pollution masks and a pair of blacked-out ‘Biggles’ style flying goggles.

Being a nervous person I tried my best to keep a steady pace without falling, but couldn’t help getting frightened as I heard the fellow skater getting ever closer.

My heart raced as they got right behind me and then alongside on the road. As I was deciding exactly how scared I should be in this type of situation, the mysterious purple-clothed scaremonger reached behind them and pressed something on a bulge sticking out of their back. After a very brief delay I heard a click then a hiss sound, followed by an increasingly deep humming.

The person crouched down and then instantly, but silently, shot off down the road for about 20 metres before they exploded (again without any discernible sound) into a shower of multi-coloured glitter.

Here is the tracklisting for this weeks episode:

1. V-A-C-A-N-T, Draco, Enter The Draco:

2. Dusk Raid, Clark:

3. Tuesday Arrivals, Zigarettenpause, Overflow Remains:

4. q, Sr.Aye, VV.AA – Exponencial:

5. I’m Going To Die With The Staff In My Hand, Amigo Male Singers:

6. Life Is Full Of Possibilities, DNTEL:

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