Electric Sheep podcast: Cutting Edge Animation

Electric Sheep podcast: Cutting Edge Animation
(Charles Burns interview originally broadcast 25/09/08 on Resonance 104.4 FM as an episode of “Strip!”)

Following on from last month’s look at Osamu Tezuka’s classic animé, the Electric Sheep Podcast is exploring more experimental animation from 1970s surrealism to the very latest French comic strip inspired cartoons.
Tom (How to date a girl in ten days) Humberstone and Alex Fitch chat about the early films of David Lynch which mixed animation and live action to beguiling effect and how Lynch may have been influenced by his peers such as Terry Gilliam and Jan Å vankmajer. Also: Virginie Sélavy talks to Charles Burns about his contribution to the French portmanteau film Fear(s) of the dark and about his acclaimed graphic novel “Black Hole”…

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Links: Wikipedia pages on David Lynch, Charles Burns and Fear(s) of the dark
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