Marvin Suicide : 164 – Whatever happened to Carpet Monster?

In this ever changing world of technology, politics, environment and so on, you can always rely on this programme to provide a stable and constant supply of mindless dirge which has been likened to “listening to the Top 40 music chart with your hands in a meat grinder”.

Here is the tracklist:

1. Casio Clouds, Bhasmantam, Bhasmantam EP:

2. Reading Rainbow, 8bit bEtty, Too Bleep To Blop:

3. Between The Lines, BLÆRG, Incessant Subversive Decibels:

4. Toy Policecar, Catgut:

5. Les Ventilateuses, Pamela’s Parade, A La Guinguette:

6. True Unibomber, Cookie Jar, The Science Of Jinx:

7. Untitled, Crashbonsai, Shit On Scissors : Splatter Data For Fake Mind:

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