The Bike Show: The Moulton Story (part one)

The first of a two-parter telling the story of Moulton bicycles: the radical 1960s reinvention of the bicycle by Dr Alex Moulton that, despite some commercial setbacks along the way, continues to push the boundaries of cutting edge design. It has been feted by architects and designers, broken records and been taken to the hearts of its riders, the Moultoneers, many of whom consider it to be the best kept secret on two wheels. Over the next two weeks The Bike Show will cover the history of the Moulton bicycle, look towards its future and try to capture its unique spirit. Featuring interviews with Dr Alex Moulton, Shaun Moulton, Tony Hadland, Michael Woolf and a cast of Moultoneers. Image, left, shows the young Sheldon Brown on his Moulton Deluxe in 1971.

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