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Hello GoodBye w. Extra Bones LIVE @ Utrophia – 23.02.13

Andrew Kerr in Extra Bones @ Utrophia
Sicamore @ Lunch Music @ Utrophia on Hello GoodBye on Resonance

Andrew Kerr from the Extra Bones shop within Utrophia in Deptford curates this afternoon’s live music on Hello GoodBye, talking about his free Lunch Music events.
Stephen Molyneux, founder of Utrophia, talks about the history and future of this arts space.
Plus live acts from this outside broadcast include: Rosie Okae, Mouth 4 Rusty, Lies Innit, Sicamore, Peanuts & Jackdaw Sandwich.

Rosie Okae – Help Myself (LIVE SESSION)
Rosie Okae – Met (LIVE SESSION)
Rosie Okae – I’ll Believe What I Can (LIVE SESSION)
Rosie Okae – ‘interview’
Gasp! Cracking Eggs – Steam Clean the Cobbles
Andrew Kerr (Extra Bones) – ‘interview’
Mouth 4 Rusty – The Lever (LIVE SESSION)
Mouth 4 Rusty – Good Men Now (LIVE SESSION)
Anacreon – Nomo
Lies Innit – Real Casino (LIVE SESSION)
Lies Innit – 2nd Cut (LIVE SESSION)
Lies Innit – Whilst You’re Away (LIVE SESSION)
Lies Innit – Out Run (LIVE SESSION)
Lies Innit – Lies Innit (LIVE SESSION)
Paco Jnr. – Tarantas
Sicamore – All Alongs (LIVE SESSION)
Sicamore – Bloodlines (LIVE SESSION)
Sound piece by Bernie Kerr made during Extra Bones’ Progress In Work 2
Stephen Molyneux (Utrophia) – ‘interview’ (w. Dan Frost)
Peanuts – Linus (improvised) (LIVE SESSION)
Peter Rockmount – Furby Go
Jackdaw Sandwich – Cast A Shadow (LIVE SESSION)
Jackdaw Sandwich – Polly (LIVE SESSION)
Jackdaw Sandwich – Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From (LIVE SESSION)
Utrophian Mass in the key of G (LIVE SESSION)

Extra Bones
Rosie Okae
Mouth 4 Rusty

Presented by: deXter Bentley & Dan Frost
Live webstreaming: Michael Garrad (w. Joe Oldfield)
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin, Michael Garrad & Tim Rigsby-Smith (Utrophia)