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Hello GoodBye – 20.04.13 – Power Lunches Special Ft: Ravioli Me Away, Shopping + Bastard Sword

Sian Dorrer (Power Lunches founder)
Bastard Sword
Shopping (Rachel Aggs)
Ravioli Me Away

Power Lunches special featuring live music from; Ravioli Me Away, Shopping and Bastard Sword.

Sian Dorrer (Power Lunches founder) – ‘interview 1’
Bastard Sword – Ship Canal (LIVE SESSION)
Bastard Sword – Great Faces (LIVE SESSION)
Bastard Sword – Stalin (LIVE SESSION)
Bastard Sword – No Forgiveness (LIVE SESSION)
Sian Dorrer (Power Lunches founder) – ‘interview 2’
Golden Grrrls – Paul Simon
Yola Fatoush – Vibrant
Phat Trophies – Bass In Yr Face
Man With Feathers – Body On The Moor
Bastard Sword – ‘interview’
Shopping – Shopping Theme (LIVE SESSSION)
Shopping – In Other Words (LIVE SESSSION)
Shopping – Hard As Nails (LIVE SESSSION)
Shopping – You Are A Sort (LIVE SESSSION)
Shopping – Santa Monica Place (LIVE SESSSION)
The Wharves – Renew
Dog Chocolate – Abilities
Ravioli Me Away – Hit By Love (LIVE SESSION)
Ravioli Me Away – Cat Call (LIVE SESSION)
Ravioli Me Away – Runaway Train (LIVE SESSION)
Ravioli Me Away – Pedigree Mouth (LIVE SESSION)
Shopping – ‘interview’

Presenter: deXter Bentley
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin + Joe Oldfield

Hello GoodBye – 02.03.13 – Ft: Shopping + Olivia Chaney

Olivia Chaney and Shopping perform live in session on Hello GoodBye.

Dog Chocolate – Hello Goodbye Show*
Dog Chocolate – Cake Mistake*
Shopping – Consumer complaints (LIVE SESSION)
Shopping – Hard as nails (LIVE SESSION)
Shopping – In other words (LIVE SESSION)
Shopping – Santa Monica Place (LIVE SESSION)
Shopping – Don’t do that (LIVE SESSION)
The 5th Runway – Is that the 5th runway landlord?*
Shopping – ‘interview’
Dirty Viv – Chainsaw*
Dirty Viv – Film on a girl*
Unit – Asian Avenue*
Unit – Wayne Johnson*
Unit – Ode to wing chun*
Unit – Wayne Gibson*
Unit – A Song for Eric Cooper*
Marcus Skeltonius – Suzie*
Bob Cryer – Dr. Hogar Yingh*
Olivia Chaney – Ballade (LIVE SESSION)
Olivia Chaney – Mad girl’s love song (LIVE SESSION)
J. Temperance – Wichita Lineman*
Olivia Chaney – Loose change (LIVE SESSION)
Olivia Chaney – Too social (LIVE SESSION)
Thom Driver – Pinball*
Olivia Chaney – ‘interview’

NB* All songs marked with an asterisk were contributions to our recent Pay-as-you-go Resonance fundraising show, many thanks!

Presented by: deXter Bentley & Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: James Torrence + Paulis Grinhoff