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Free Lab Radio – Trollstepper

Trollstepper by Fari  Hip teen American programmers, chat room trolls and producers vent their feelings in this new genre blend of rap, lo-fi game tunes and dark step. Dubstep’s offshoot Trollstep is the first generation of internet babies growing up. “Teehn Bwitches 12yr old wicca on H learning spells on youtube.”

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Free Lab Radio ….::M:A:X:I:M:A:L::…

Cock an ear to the u:ber cross-genre form that’s been exploding dancefloors over the world with such bravado.

Strangely I came across this music form (most commonly incarnate as maximal-electro) while hunting Iranian dance music, so thanks to Ramtin from the group Monosurround and artist/filmmaker Daryus Shokof. Most tracks in this episode explore tensions between maximal and minimal style.

Free Lab Radio – Sax Monkey Fireworks

Sat night from 11pm-midnight Free Lab Radio. We look at fringe dance genres, what’s out there?

This episode: Electronic and unmitigatedly wild saxophone sounds both imitating that great ear-splitter of the jungle: the monkey, with gloriously smooth sitar sounds at the plateau. Broadcast live from Resonance 104.4FM studios November 2010.

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The Art of Improvisation

Cousins Adib (UK) and Mehdi Rostami (Iran) take the closeness of their family ties into the realm of improvisation, where trust and understanding between musicians is paramount to success. Prior to a London performance we talk to them in the studio about the preparatory process for an improvising musician, the instruments they play – the relatively new shurangiz –  and their ambitions for the future of their duo, split as they are between Iran and UK.

We sample some of their sublime music in the show, but nothing can compare to a live performance where the players literally take you on the ‘journey’ with them. Buy the CD here.

Free Lab Radio – My Kind of Climate

The first half of Free Lab Radio, July 26th 2011 a mid-summer’s Saturday night in the studio. Tracks that lead us to gently dance off the heat at varying paces. Tracks like ‘Naturally Stoned’, ‘Call Me Hung Up’, ‘You’re My Kind of Climate’ and ‘Holiday in Congo’ an even one by the queen of lusty lament: Janis Joplin. Have a listen…

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Six Pillars – A Contemporary Iranian Music Event + Maria Kheirkhah

Fari Bradley reports from the Contemporary Iranian Music event at the Camden Underworld and interviews artist Maria Kheirkhah live in the studio about her career choice to become an artist, collecting air in the Iranian desert and her current exhibition the Psychology of Fear. Featured are Farinaz Entegham, Ali Charmi on hip hop and faith, and the father of one of the members of Simorgh.

(pictured: Maria Keirkhah collects hot desert air for her show)

Most Iranian parents want their children to be lawyers or doctors, so how do aspiring musicians fare with their parents when making out-of-the-ordinary career choices. Also what does contemporary music mean to most young Iranians? We’ve heard the desperate eurodance trash that most clubs advertise as Persian music, and other than that there is only Dylan-esque songs and traditional music to choose from in the main.  Rightly, some UK based Iranians are fusing the traditional forms and instruments with modern concerns, with a vocal delivery that compares with rapping under the moniker Contemporary Iranian for the event and Simorgh for their group. Simorgh are also promoting other new musicians such as rapper Farinaz Entegham (Holland) and Reveal (UK).

This show was originally broadcast from Resonancefm studios in London on June 16th 2008, produced and presented by Fari Bradley

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