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Hello GoodBye – 19.10.13 – Ft: Rude Mechanicals, Gerry Mitchell + Keshco

Rude Mechanicals
Gerry Mitchell

Today’s guests on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye are Rude Mechanicals, Gerry Mitchell and Keshco.

Las Kellies (ft. Dennis Bovell) – Don’t Look Suspicious
Rude Mechanicals – Deleted from the Database (LIVE SESSION)
Rude Mechanicals – Wednesday’s Child (LIVE SESSION)
Rude Mechanicals – Part Man Part Peacock (LIVE SESSION)
Rude Mechanicals – Sin Eater (LIVE SESSION)
Rude Mechanicals – Monster (LIVE SESSION)
The Balloons – Death by Chocolate
Rude Mechanicals – ‘interview’
Happy Hooves – Bark
Momus – Where Are We Now?
Gerry Mitchell – Skinny White Boys (LIVE READING)
The Sons of Harry Lauder – I wish I could soar like Keats
Gertrude – Probationary Citizen
Council Tax Band – We’re All In This Together
Keshco – Enlightenment (LIVE SESSION)
Keshco – Wafternoon (LIVE SESSION)
Keshco – Porcein (LIVE SESSION)
Keshco – Top Deck (LIVE SESSION)
Shopping – For Your Money
Keshco – ‘interview’

Presenters: deXter Bentley & Dan Frost
Live sound engineer: Tom Kemp (assisted by Lisa Geurts & Beth Rogers)

Hello GoodBye Show 18 December 2010 – Sessions of the year plus Spizz Oil and Keshco live

In the last Hello GoodBye of 2010, deXter Bentley span tracks from the best sessions of the past year, had live music from Spizz Oil & Keshco and stuffed his face full of lovely mince pies.

Punk stalwarts Spizz Oil reform for an extremely rare live radio session. Oiginally formed in 1978 with maniacal frontman Spizz and guitar wizard Pete Petrol, they released 2 classic 7″ vinyl EPs on Rough Trade and recorded numerous radio sessions for the legendary John Peel show.

Keshco is a London / Oxford based pop-art trio who home-record in a vast array of styles (depending on how they feel.) Expect (possibly): offbeat love songs, wry social commentary, psychedelic whimsy, shimmering synthpop and/or spiky folk.

all my cats are dead – niall spooner harvey (hg archive)
never come – viv albertine’s limerance (hg archive)
wymmin’s final – wet dog (hg archive)
below the waves – keshco (live)
james harries – keshco (live)
i almost died – keshco (live)
jap rock go! – keshco (live)
standing down – trevor moss & hannah lou with the lantern society players (hg archive)
dark joan – leila adu and the don’ts (hg archive)
something on the radio – john kenton (hg archive)
years – mary and the baby cheeses (hg archive)
the lucy gang take on the hells angels – sexton ming (hg archive)
my friend joe – the irrepressibles (hg arhive)
central park – spizz oil (live)
island – spizz oil (live)
6,000 crazy – spizz oil (live)
fibre – spizz oil (live)
crap song – spizz oil (live)
macisaac -mithras (hg archive)
thrombasser – cigna spine (hg archive)