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OST 10.10.09 – Joe Davis

Sit back and relax for your weekly dose of OST, filled with all kinds of nutritious film soundtrack, library and related music, administered by Jonny Trunk.

A classic show for you from back in 2009, when Jonny was joined in the studio by Far Out Recordings supremo Joe Davis, who brought a big bag of Brazilian film music. Exceptionally groovy sounds and one of the great competitions in OST history – callers made puns of film titles and girls’ names.

Track listing:
Stavotte Cane Ogni Notte OST – Milton Nascimento
Lillia OST – Milton Nascimanto
Tosta A Fera De Ouro OST – Milton Nascimento
Melo Do Cuta OST – Azymuth
Zomby OST – Azymuth
Danca Da Chuva OST – VIncent De Paula
Shaft cover version by Bandiera 2
God And The Devil OST – Sergio Ricardo
O Nosso Amor from Black Orpheus OST
A Felicidade from Black Orpheus OST
Ritual OST – Selva De Pedra
Hungarian Jungle Music from Not With My Wife by Johnny Williams
Spaceport from Toomorrow OST by Hugo Montenegro
Snake Hip OST by Terumasa Hino
Le Mans – cover version by Rene Clare
Brazil 2000 OST – Various
O Fabuloao Fitipaldi OST by Azymuth
Tempo De Viva OST – Umas Et Utras
Pygmalion 70- OST – Erion Chaves

OST 18.04.09 – Garth Marenghi

Exhumed from the Resonance FM vaults, a frighteningly good OST Show from 2009, when Jonny Trunk was joined by dark, sinister and terribly evil horror writer Garth Merenghi.

OST is your weekly trip into the world of film soundtracks, library music and related recordings.


The Garth Merenghi Theme
Dracula AD 72 by MIke Vickers
Dark Shadows OST – Robert Cobert
Edwina’s Theme from Theatre Of Blood OST – Michael Lewis
Mystery Movie Theme – Henry Mancini
Blazing Magnum OST – Armando Trovajoli
Streets Of San Francisco – Henry Mancini
Canon OST – Johnny Gregory Orchestra
Who Dares Wins – Roy Budd
McVicar OST – Roger Daltry
It’s A Long Road from First Blood OST – Jerry Goldsmith
Hanged Man OST – Alan Tew
Tubular Bells – cover by Geoff Love
Hawk The Slayer OST – Harry Robertson
Witchfinder General OST – Paul Ferris
The Searchers OST – Max Steiner
Wringle Wrangle – Stan Jones – Disney
Face To Face – Morricone

OST 22.01.11 – Simon Gitter

The weekly show dedicated to film, TV, library music and related recordings, hosted by Jonny Trunk.

Jonny was joined today by hard working collector, DJ and archivist Simon Gitter, who brought in a fine box of esoteric soundrack musical madness and much more besides, all dug out from second hand boxes, bin ends and rogue crates over the last 20 years or so.

Track listing:
Pin Ball – Johnny Hawksworth
Outbreak Of Murder – Gordon Franks
If I Was A Rich Man – Guy Boyer
Masculine Feminine – Cipriani
The Aeronauts – Rick Jones
Pathfinders – Andy Ross
Bobby Byrne – A Shade Of Brass
Bingo Goes Pop Advertising disc
Secret – Saudieri
Components – De Fillipi
Haunting Me – Alan Moorhouse
Light Flight – Alan Tew
Intelligence Men – Alan Hawkshaw
Mansion Of Cards – Brian Hodgson
The Riddler – Frank Gorshin
Hurry To Me – Cyril Stapleton
A Lollipop For Papa – Peter Zinovieff
If I Didn’t Work What Would I do – Ennio Morricone
Barnabus Theme – First Theremin Era
Changing Horizons – AMP Advertising Disc
On The Move – The Dooleys
Playgirl – Quatar
Oh That Girl -Michael Crawford
Once Upon A Time – Rosemary Nichols
Cliff Adams Advertising Disc
Eric Siday – Auto Mobile
On The Buses – Quinceharmon
Tendre Voyou – Guy Boyer
Hot Heels – Barbara Moore