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OST 18.04.09 – Garth Marenghi

Exhumed from the Resonance FM vaults, a frighteningly good OST Show from 2009, when Jonny Trunk was joined by dark, sinister and terribly evil horror writer Garth Merenghi.

OST is your weekly trip into the world of film soundtracks, library music and related recordings.


The Garth Merenghi Theme
Dracula AD 72 by MIke Vickers
Dark Shadows OST – Robert Cobert
Edwina’s Theme from Theatre Of Blood OST – Michael Lewis
Mystery Movie Theme – Henry Mancini
Blazing Magnum OST – Armando Trovajoli
Streets Of San Francisco – Henry Mancini
Canon OST – Johnny Gregory Orchestra
Who Dares Wins – Roy Budd
McVicar OST – Roger Daltry
It’s A Long Road from First Blood OST – Jerry Goldsmith
Hanged Man OST – Alan Tew
Tubular Bells – cover by Geoff Love
Hawk The Slayer OST – Harry Robertson
Witchfinder General OST – Paul Ferris
The Searchers OST – Max Steiner
Wringle Wrangle – Stan Jones – Disney
Face To Face – Morricone