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Hello GoodBye – 01.06.13 – curated by Gaggle ft: Rhosyn

Gaggle + Rhosyn

Hello GoodBye curated by Gaggle and featuring live music from Rhosyn.

Gaggle – Happy is the country
Amy + Polly Gaggle – interview w. Jade Gaggle
Rhosyn – Glass (LIVE SESSION)
Rhosyn – Used to be (LIVE SESSION)
Keel Her – Rrriot Girl
Kimya Dawson – The Beer
Peter Howell and John Ferdinando – Setting Sun
Rhosyn – interview w. Jade Gaggle
Grimes – Weregild
Gaggle – Lullaby (LIVE SESSION)
Jana + Sarah Gaggle – interview w. Jade Gaggle
The Knife – Without you my life would be boring
Nancy Sit – Love Potion Number #9
Deborah + Kirsty Gaggle – interview w. Jade Gaggle (via telephone)
Rhosyn – Erotomanic (LIVE SESSION)
Rhosyn – Volcano (LIVE SESSION)

Presented by Jade Gaggle + deXter Bentley
Live sound engineer: Tom Kemp