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Art Monthly Talk Show 9th September 2013









Chris Mc Cormack, Art Monthly’s Assistant Editor discusses a feature and a review from issue 369 July/August Art Monthly magazine with the authors.

Art & Politics

Which side is art on ask Dean Kenning and Margareta Kern

In the face of government austerity measures which have squeezed artists and public arts provision more than any other sector, an elite art world has continued to prosper. Isn’t it time that, in order to develop political agency in their work, artists begin to acknowledge this glaring dichotomy?

‘Can art act in opposition to neoliberal power and manifest values based in equality, commonality and solidarity? Or does art simply manifest and further the interests of a transnational capitalist class?’

Omer Fast

Sophie J Williamson on Omer Fast: 5,000 Feet is the Best at the

Imperial War Museum, London summer 2013

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