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Six Pillars Podcast – And the Dance Goes On

samiraAnd the Dance Goes On.

Fine artist Samira Hodaie at her first solo show in Dubai, speaks to us about her methods, themes and experience. Cube Arts Gallery, DIFC teamed up with AB GALLERY in Switzerland to bring Hodaie over from Iran to show a series of works on canvas, wood panel plus a wall sculpture. Over three floors we peruse the show and look at her version of pointilism, which plays on post-modern themes of pixellation, fracture and contemporary politics – all expressed within a language derived from Persian classicism.

Recorded October 2014 in the UAE.
Find out more about Six Pillars to Persia on www.sixpillars.org

Six Pillars – Samira Hodaie at Cube Gallery, Dubai by 6pillars on Mixcloud