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A Better Way? What can food co-operatives offer in the Age of the Supermarket?

Are Food co-ops going to make food retail fairer and provide better quality of food for consumers? Daniel Zylbersztajn investigates in this informative feature those who wish to change the way we buy our food. The feature is going to be a long in depth account of how some food co-ops operate, their history etc. and features many leading people in their field. Producers notes and further elaborations here.

Wavelength – Andrew Greaves

Digital animation artist Andrew Greaves talks about “Unnatural Order” a 14 minute movie made in collaboration with Brian Marley. The film was screened for the first time at the Whitechapel Art Gallery; London Art Book Fair, as part of Oblique Texts/Visual Dialects film programme selected by William English. Andrew talks candidly about his past and the making of this film and soundworks. Andrew Greaves:

Cassette: Episode 5

Cassette – A Side B Side

Two independent sound art pieces strike almost exactly the same note in this edition of Cassette. On side A of a C30 tape, sound artist John Wynne explains how he played the note A on forty boom boxes to demonstrate beat frequencies. Then on side B Dan Bennett from arts collective Bang the Bore explains its twelve tapes project; the note B on twelve cassettes. Along the way hear a gangster answer phone tape, and visit some of the country’s finest multi-storey car parks.


OST 06.03.2010 – Moon Wiring Club

Film soundtracks, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. Kicking off this latest blast of missives from the OST archive we’re delighted to unveil this very special edition from 2010 featuring Moon Wiring Club!
The man described by The Advisory Circle as ‘the inevitable Mr Ian Hodgson’ joins us in the studio to play some of his favourite records and a smattering of his own ‘delightfully other’ recordings. Speaking of which, this podcast is rather well-timed, as he just so happens to have a new album ‘Clutch It Like A Gonk’ out right now. And it’s rather super. Like this show. So get downloading!

Wavelength – Malcolm McLaren part 1

Today’s show is a tribute to Malcolm McLaren who died last week. Once upon a time I travelled down to London from Leicester to visit a shop on the King’s Road called Paradise Garage which was owned by Trevor Myles who was photographed by my friend David Parkinson, sitting on the bonnet of a zebra skin flocked car outside the shop. Another friend; John Cramphorn, bought some white overalls from the shop, with the word Firestone stitched in red across the back, slightly ironic as he later became a tyre fitter in Leicester. The next time we visited the shop it was under new ownership, renamed Let it Rock and that was the first time I met Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. I remember bakelite radios on the pavement and I bought an American fleck jacket and some obscure singles on the King label. On subsequent visits the shop changed its identity to Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die and then Sex which is when I took some photographs of Vivienne in various rubber and leather garments posing in front of a sculpture of a severed leg with livid boils and blisters at the top of the thigh. One of these images signed in gold ink by Vivienne is coming up in the Resonance auction on May 1st. It was always possible to chat with Malcolm and Vivienne in the shop and then eventually David Parkinson told me he had encountered Malcolm one evening in Mayfair and he had adopted yet another persona; his hair was now up and permed and he was wearing tight black leather trousers with tassles and a small grey sports jacket, and he mentioned that he was now managing a band. So, one Sunday afternoon we found ourselves in a small strip club or porn cinema on Brewer Street and witnessed the Sex Pistols live on stage to a fairly bemused audience of about 40 people. At the time I thought it was some sort of hoax, like bad painting or something. The rest is well documented. The last time I saw Malcolm was about 2 years ago in Paris. He was having an argument with a woman in Place St. Sulpice. I passed within a few feet of him but decided not to encroach on what was obviously a private discussion. So, this programme is a tribute to an extraordinary character. The first track is Have Love Will Travel by The Sonics 1965 from Sex: Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die, a compilation of 20 records that were on the jukebox in the shop compiled by Marco Pirroni in 2003. Next is No Fun (unedited version Oct 76) from Spunk which featured the Sex Pistols before Sid Vicious joined and Glen Matlock left the band.
Followed by a mix of tracks from Revenge of the Flowers by Francoise Hardy and Malcolm McLaren including the title track and Driving into Delirium (extended version), and Buffalo Gals, Back to Skool.

Art Monthly 9th December 2011









TV Makeover

Colin Perry on the vexed relationship between art and TV

Where once video artists set about attempting to subvert broadcast television, recently they seem to have surrendered to its normative codes. Since the most troubling aspects of TV have tended to get worse over time, shouldn’t artists retain a questioning attitude towards it?

‘Artists have stopped trying to change television, and for good reasons. In the early decades of video art, there was much hope that TV would prove an open and democratic platform for vi

The programme is hosted by Matt Hale who has worked at Art Monthly since 1991.

Previous episodes are available on Art Monthly’s website

Art Monthly magazine offers an informed and comprehensive guide to the latest developments in contemporary art.

Fiercely independent, Art Monthly’s news and opinion sections provide regular information and polemics on the

international art scene. It also offers In-depth interviews and features; reviews of exhibitions, performances, films and books; art law; auction reports and exhibition listings

Art Monthly magazine is indispensable reading!

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Sine Of The Times 08/10/2011 – My Panda Shall Fly

The cutting edge of London’s underground dance music scene with Thomas Lee and Rita Maia.
This week, a welcome return visit from My Panda Shall Fly, who drops in to showcase his killer new live set.


The Godson – Analog Love
Sully – 2 Hearts
Maneuver – Lando Kal
Stateless – I’m on Fire (Slugabed remix)
Gerry Read – We Are (Forthcoming)
Moomin – Sweet Sweet
Lone – Rissotowe 4

My Panda Shall Fly live:
– Intro
– Pirate Soundsystem – Dub N U (MPSF Remix)
– Fink – Perfect Darkness (MPSF Remix)
– MPSF & Benjamin Jackson – JS8
– MPSF & Benjamin Jackson – Data Module

Guy Andrews – Textures (Forthcoming)
Andy Stott – Bad Wires
Inc. – Swear
Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke – Shipwreck
Sepalcure – Hold On (Forthcoming)
Altered Natives – Burnout
Autechre – Second Scepe

Get in touch or send them your tracks:
Twitter: @sineradio