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Cassette: Episode 6

Technology: On side A of a C30 cassette Naomi Christie speaks with assistant curator of computing and communication at the Science Museum Charlotte Connelly about tape-playing devices in the collection, including an exciting, if commercially unsuccessful, precursor to magnetic tape using optics with the advertising slogan “music from a beam of light”. Turn over for side B to hear musician Beat Ratio talking about how his four-track cassette recorder works and why he chose analogue.

More info:

Cassette covers the history, culture, and future of the audio cassette tape. Each episode takes a cassette-based theme and brings together enthusiasts and experts to shed further light on it.

Produced and presented by Naomi Christie.


Originally broadcast on 28th April 2012

Cassette: Episode 5

Cassette – A Side B Side

Two independent sound art pieces strike almost exactly the same note in this edition of Cassette. On side A of a C30 tape, sound artist John Wynne explains how he played the note A on forty boom boxes to demonstrate beat frequencies. Then on side B Dan Bennett from arts collective Bang the Bore explains its twelve tapes project; the note B on twelve cassettes. Along the way hear a gangster answer phone tape, and visit some of the country’s finest multi-storey car parks.