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OST 01.10.2011 – George Harrison Special

Soundtracks, TV and library music (plus assorted tangents) with Jonny Trunk. To celebrate the launch of “Living In The Material World”, a brand new book featuring the personal archives of George Harrison, the OST Show is dedicating itself to the man, his film music and the soundtracks from the output of his Handmade Films Company, originally broadcast 1st October 2011. There was a competition too with a pretty cool prize, but you’ve obviously missed that because this is a podcast, and you can’t go back, no matter what those fellows in Switzerland might have you believe. Never mind, at least we still have the music, right? And what music it is! Hit that download button forthwith!

OST 11/06/2011 – Michel Legrand Special

Soundtracks, library and television music curated by Jonny Trunk. In this archive edition from June 2011, Jonny feels moved to play the music of the veteran composer, arranger and general cool cat Michel Legrand. The reason for this venture, not that it particularly needs one, is that Jonny had been to see the great man give a thoroughly satisfactory performance at Ronnie Scott’s a few days previously, and felt compelled to prepare a tribute episode away from the distractions of courting couples and chickens in a basket…

Slightly shorter than your average OST due to the events at the Raven Row gallery, but no less perfectly formed!

OST 17.09.2011 – John Flannery

This weekly programme is dedicated to film music, TV music, library music and related recordings, and is hosted by Jonny Trunk. Today on the OST Show he’s joined by John Flannery, member of the test card circle. We’ve been waiting an age to get one of the test card enthusiasts on the show, and were thrilled to have John join us. Expect two hours of classic TV interludes and more besides.

We’d also like to apologise for the extreme slackness of uploading fresh OST podcasts in the last month or two. This is because it’s normally left to Robin The Fog to sort it out, and frankly of late he hasn’t been cutting the mustard. However, with a quiet word and a punch in the chops, normal service looks set to be resumed. Look out for veritable cavalcade of new and old OST podcasts coming very soon! We faithfully promise…

OST 09.07.2005 – Delia Derbyshire Special

Film, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. A classic edition (and slightly shorter due to a special broadcast from the Serpentine) from way back in 2005 focusing on the work of legendary Radiophonic Workshop member, Delia Derbyshire. Choc-full of obscure and rare material from one of the pioneers of electronic music. Does anything more need to be said, really? Well, does it? Get downloading!

OST 08.08.2009 – Big George Special

Film, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. This week’s edition from August 8th 2009 was re-braodcast on 21st May 2011 in tribute to that week’s guest, the larger-than-life musician, broadcaster and all-round legend Big George who very sadly and very suddenly passed away earlier that month. A fine tribute to possibly the only guest in the history of the show to talk Jonny under the table; the show kicks off with his theme tune to ‘Have I Got News For You’ as you’ve never heard it before…

OST 12.08.2008 – Sesame Street Special

Film, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. In this archive edition from 2008, Robin The Fog, OST’s long-suffering engineer and comedy foil takes the controls to bring you the musical fruits of his Sesame Street obsession, aided and abetted by ResFM stalwart Joceline Colvert. Together they bring you a Ladybug’s Picnic, P-Funk jams concerning the days of the week and a pigeon that plays checkers, pus some surprisingly avant-garde obscurities from Philip Glass. What more could you ask for?

OST 07.05.2011 – Ghost Box Special

Soundtracks, library and television music curated by Jonny Trunk. This week he’s joined by Julian House and Jim Jupp, otherwise known as The Focus Group and Belbury Poly respectively. There’s exclusive airings of forthcoming Ghost Box material and a generous helping of obscenely rare library recordings from their personal archives. The only person missing is Jonny, who began the show stuck in traffic on London Bridge…

OST 12.03.2011 – Jon Brooks

Soundtracks, library and television music curated by Jonny Trunk. This week Jonny is joined in the studio by Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle. He’s a stalwart of Ghost Box Records and also the proprietor of very fine new netlabel Cafe Kaput, so expect things to get extremely Hauntological…

OST 06.06.2009 – Matt Berry

In an OST from the archive, join Jonny for a classic show from 2009 with very special guest Matt Berry, star of The IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and The Mighty Boosh as well as a musician in his own right, composer of soundtracks for the TV shows Snuff Box and Saxondale among others. Listen in to hear Matt’s soundtrack selections, talk of vintage synthesisers and his love of the music of Ronnie Hazlehurst.

OST 05.02.2011 – John Barry

This week a tribute to John Barry 3rd November 1933 – 30th January 2011.

Track List:

Midnight Cowboy – The Wilson Lewes Group
The Meeting – Deadfall OST
Billy, The Good Time Are Coming, Lolita – All from Play It Again
The Ballet, Sophia – Sophia Loren In Rome
Curiouser And Curiouser – Alice Adverntures In Wonderland
Man With The Golden Gun – 2 cues
Game Of Death – One cue
Over And Out – OHMSS OST
Twistin With James / Jamaican Jazz – Dr No OST
3 cues from Petulia OST
Follow Follow – B Side of the Adventurers
Two opening cues from The Lion In Winter OST
Mary Queen Of Scots – Opening Theme
This Way Mary from Play It Again
Raped! From The Knack OST
Mood 3 and Mood 4 from the Chappell Library John Barry LP
Switching The Body from Thunderball OST
Of A Year Unknown – Boom OST
I’m Weak – Body Heat OST
The Wedding – You Only Live Twice OST
The Children – Walkabout OST (Poo Records original version)
Joe Buck Rides Again – Midnight Cowboy OST