OST 05.02.2011 – John Barry

This week a tribute to John Barry 3rd November 1933 – 30th January 2011.

Track List:

Midnight Cowboy – The Wilson Lewes Group
The Meeting – Deadfall OST
Billy, The Good Time Are Coming, Lolita – All from Play It Again
The Ballet, Sophia – Sophia Loren In Rome
Curiouser And Curiouser – Alice Adverntures In Wonderland
Man With The Golden Gun – 2 cues
Game Of Death – One cue
Over And Out – OHMSS OST
Twistin With James / Jamaican Jazz – Dr No OST
3 cues from Petulia OST
Follow Follow – B Side of the Adventurers
Two opening cues from The Lion In Winter OST
Mary Queen Of Scots – Opening Theme
This Way Mary from Play It Again
Raped! From The Knack OST
Mood 3 and Mood 4 from the Chappell Library John Barry LP
Switching The Body from Thunderball OST
Of A Year Unknown – Boom OST
I’m Weak – Body Heat OST
The Wedding – You Only Live Twice OST
The Children – Walkabout OST (Poo Records original version)
Joe Buck Rides Again – Midnight Cowboy OST