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the heard world 37: aleatory and creatures

i’m sorry i have been mostly absent from your lives. things are very busy at the heard world headquarters, and we are short staffed due to a scheduling mishap involving an unfortunate amount of staff members taking their summer vacations at the same time. i have personally scrapped together this show for your enjoyment which includes rambling through a homemade microphone on the way to the liquor store modulated through a homemade delay pedal; rebote 2 and several insects, birds, and RF signals that play together nicely. We end with a short motorcycle test ride on my 1975 Honda CB750F. see if you can hear the part where i stall the engine like the true winner i am.

the heard world 36: FM Radio and misogyny

the first half of the show is my own take on commercial FM Radio, and the likely shitely music you can expect to hear. i guess i could have developed this more, but before i can the show takes a gradual slide into pure self-absorbed, drunken mysogyny recorded in the back alley of a central square bar. this is tempered with a hacked music box hooked up to a piezo driven homemade slinky reverb unit and ray wilson’s weird sound generator. our only hope is skrillmeadow, who is in my opinion is the only valid reason to log onto myspace. if only there were more like him. the other three discernable songs are dirty rituals, sewage and sexist pig, all originals circa 2002-3. enjoy this one, quality is fleeting.

Audio Adventures: L’historie du Schaeffer

The bibliography of Pierre Schaeffer as presented in musique conrete form by Tim Pickup. This show is not worth missing, despite it being in a language i hardly understand. I wrote a quick introduction and translated it into French, then back into English to help maintain confusion:

the audio bibliography of the collection of tim of the stone schaeffer. presents at a music the concrete excursion on the father of the conrete of musiqe itself, schaeffer. wonderfuly hones it made and presented.

Well, either way, Pierre Schaeffer is a very important composer for the 20th century. He is one of the first composers to study recorded sounds as instruments themselves. His works were an inspiration to a generation of composers that were getting a little tired of do re mi.

the heard world 34

this show is about my cd dropping experience, and is meant to be similar in style to the old hellebore shews. it fails at this as it is riddled with inside jokes that just aren’t that funny. it features a malformed english accent, some stupendous quality rambling, a lot of noise (as usual) and a brief but special message from a circuit bent talk ‘n’ learn alphabet toy. this little tidbit didn’t make it into the show, but the very first location at which i dropped a CD burned down that night:

oh yeah, no one was hurt. no word on the CD, though. If you would like your own copy of the CD, then please let me know –

the heard world 33: a very tonal affair

i’ve been too hard on you listeners, too harsh with noises. so, this week, enjoy this very tonal and hopefully soothing show. this show features some bells, band rehersal, some experiments and possibly the first ever neo-classical mash up. please leave comments with

the heard world 31: a collection of noises

beautiful noises in my eyes…er, ears. how much fun can one person have with a hacked tape player, a children’s metal bar keyboard, some audio software, a homemade cracklebox, a guitar, abominaclavia, and a dating show on at 330am?!?!! listen and find out!!!!! OMG TOTALLY!!!

Audio Adventures: Barney’s Guitar Effects Pedals

Tim Pickup takes the week off and hands the show over to his friend Barney who takes us on a grand tour of his homemade guitar effects pedals. If you enjoyed Tim’s previous show on the 555 Timer, then you’ll love this show which takes DIY audio electronics to the next level. With a little insight, and some schematics, you’ll never pay a hefty price for an effect pedal again!

the glamorous life of circuit bending

you’ve read about them in magazines. you’ve seen them on billboards and at fashion show premieres. now you can penetrate the seedy underbelly of the exciting world of circuit bending! hear what happens when naughty little casio sa-35 is modified to “short out” and encouraged to “just go nuts”. you won’t want to miss what happens with it’s freshly soldered electrodes! they’re dimes! but you didn’t hear that from us!

Audio Adventures: Voyager Interstellar Outreach Recordings

As you go about your alien day on your far off alien world doing your strange extra-terrestrial things you look up to the many suns in the sky and wonder; is there life out there somewhere? In this installment of the ever-popular and interesting edition of Audio Adventures Tim Pickup puts us in that position, taking us through highlights of the Voyager Interstellar Outreach Program. Launched in 1977 the two Voyager spacecrafts held a golden record – an audio greeting from the planet Earth including cryptic instructions for alien lifeforms to play the record. Sit back, listen and imagine that you are the alien tasked with sorting out these strange new sounds from a little blue planet across the universe.