Audio Adventures: L’historie du Schaeffer

The bibliography of Pierre Schaeffer as presented in musique conrete form by Tim Pickup. This show is not worth missing, despite it being in a language i hardly understand. I wrote a quick introduction and translated it into French, then back into English to help maintain confusion:

the audio bibliography of the collection of tim of the stone schaeffer. presents at a music the concrete excursion on the father of the conrete of musiqe itself, schaeffer. wonderfuly hones it made and presented.

Well, either way, Pierre Schaeffer is a very important composer for the 20th century. He is one of the first composers to study recorded sounds as instruments themselves. His works were an inspiration to a generation of composers that were getting a little tired of do re mi.

2 thoughts on “Audio Adventures: L’historie du Schaeffer

  1. george trees

    hello, i have been listening to your podcasts and they’re quite fantastic.
    Perhaps you are aware of this already but if you go to and then click on ‘slowing down the sounds’ then you’ll find something quite fantastic. I have been reading the book and i’m not to convinced by it but is certainly full of some wonderful things!

    hope you enjoy it!
    cheers, george

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