the glamorous life of circuit bending

you’ve read about them in magazines. you’ve seen them on billboards and at fashion show premieres. now you can penetrate the seedy underbelly of the exciting world of circuit bending! hear what happens when naughty little casio sa-35 is modified to “short out” and encouraged to “just go nuts”. you won’t want to miss what happens with it’s freshly soldered electrodes! they’re dimes! but you didn’t hear that from us!

2 thoughts on “the glamorous life of circuit bending

  1. Carlos

    Hi, I enjoyed listening to your podcast while making dinner. I recently wanted to get a little keyboard that I could have at work to maybe practice ideas or kill the boredom, so was looking around and was sad that they don’t really make little keyboards like the 80’s and early 90’s. So went online and won a casio sa-35. I used to have a little yamaha sampler that I loved, wish I had kept it in good condition (or just kept it).
    Anyway, so poking around the web some more I have just discovered the world of circuit bending, I really had no idea, so have been obsessed lately with looking for cool stuff, and wondering if I could bend my little casio, which is how I found your podcast. Very cool. Do you know where I could bend it, or do you take orders for stuff like that? I wouldn’t want to fuck it up if I tried it, I can barely solder a guitar cord connection.
    Bla bla bla, OK, I guess this is getting long….. Thanks, send me a link to any other podcasts or websites. I really like this!

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