Panel Borders: Charley’s War

Panel Borders: Charley’s War
Originally broadcast 08/05/08 as part of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

An extended version of guest presenter Grant Rogers‘ (a former animator on such shows as Tales of Beatrix Potter and Dogtanian and now an educator at the Imperial War Museum) interview with Pat Mills about his critically acclaimed serial about the 1st World War – Charley’s War – which was serialised in the pulp war comic Battle Picture weekly in the late 1970s and is now being reprinted in lavish hardback volumes by Titan Books

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Read Steven Beeny’s Rebellion 1920 (as advertised by Pat!)

Comics news:

On now at the Centre for Recent drawing in London:

Diary Drawing, an exhibition curated by Sarah Lightman. Diary Drawing brings together disparate types of visual journals and autobiographical graphic novels to examine drawing and diary making as process of thinking and acting, fundamental to human experience. Diary Drawing explores the application of line as a means of documenting, rendering and transcribing intimate and individual histories to a public audience. The exhibition features the work of Gabrielle Bell, David Blandy, Oliver East, Alex Fox, Miriam Katin, Sarah Lightman, Lady Lucy, Mio Matsumoto, Rutu Modan, Ariel Schrag, Rebecca Swindell
Open: 9-23 May 2008 12- 6pm
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From Friday 16th May at La Galleria, 5b Pall Mall, London, Grant Rogers will be exhibiting Works on Wallpaper – drawings and mixed media works about the diversity of wildlife to be found on the world’s largest island, Australia, and the social diversity / Hotel chic to be found in the guest houses of Alice Springs, Yulara and Daintree.

From Saturday 17th May at The Railway Tavern, Station Rise, Tulse Hill, occasional Strip! contributor (and Bryan Talbot’s Cherubs illustrator) Mark Stafford will be exhibiting Pandemonium Carnivale; A series of unfortunate paintings

4 thoughts on “Panel Borders: Charley’s War

  1. Steven Beeny

    Thanks for posting the link to the fascinating interview between Grant and Pat. I found all 40 minutes absolutely riveting and would highly recommend it to anyone who read Charley’s War.

  2. alexfitch Post author

    Glad you liked it! I’ll take up Pat’s recommendation and check out your comic at some point – like he said, I’m glad someone’s picked up the baton!

  3. Steven Beeny

    I hope you’ll find it of interest. It’s been pretty hard to produce the whole thing alone, especially the art, which while influenced by Joe, would be hard to ever meet his standard of quality.

    Pat and Grant were spot on when they discussed the rather ‘slept-on’ appreciation for Joe C’s art. You could devote an entire article to how good he was.

    Anyway, I will persevere with the next chapter some point soon. If anyone wishes to collaborate on it, I am always looking for help.

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