Marvin Suicide : 155 – RAVE NATION VOL. IV

In the time honoured tradition of dance music compilations, hold on to your hats for half an hour of mainstream bangin’ choonz and middle of the road unimaginative beat mixing.

These songs need your help. Allowed to roam free they will make strange and interesting friends, where they can form new sounds and consume as much horlicks as they please.

1. Hark Back by Dot., Hark Back:

2. Murcielagos by Swat-Squad, Xancias EP:

3. Rubber by Audion, Suckfish:

4. First Touch by Ataraxia Rebel Force, Big Shadow EP:

5. Afterhuettn (Stefan Tretau Remix) by Alessandro Crimi, Afterhuettn Remixes:

6. Simpleton 04 by Dupont, Simpleton:

7. A1 by Karl Lihagen, Untitled EP:

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