Marvin Suicide : 154 – Middle Class Lefties

Back in the 1990’s when life was good, many people would gather at parks across the world and sleep for days.

No-one knew why.

Below you will find a tracklisting to this episode which includes links to the websites where all the songs were downloaded:

1. Dead Shark Eyes by Clark:

2. (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chad (Lali Puna Mix) by DNTEL:

3. Don’t Ask by Julie Doiron, Desormais:

4. Avalon by Alexandre Navarro, Ame:

5. Baby Tigers by Groundchuck:

6. I’m Not A Drummer by Dana Hilliot And His Friends, I Was A Rabbit And I Won LP:

7. Sprak Och Tankestrukturer by Eric Maimberg, Den Gatfulla Manniskan:

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