Marvin Suicide : 153 – Sorry I’m late Miss…

…the dog ate my family.

Does anyone read what’s written here? Just curious.

Please find below the tracklisting for this weeks helping of freely obtained music from the internet:

1. Wake Up To Wogan by Leyton K. Curtis:

2. grab_one by Graues Neutral, Modell S:

3. Everything (Damien Shingleton Remix) by Jonathan Fisher, Desiderata:

4. Avaruusmiehen Pieni Askel (Spaceman’s Small Step) by Aleksi Eeben, Spaceman Far Away From Home:

5. Hospital Beds by Cold War Kids, Daytrotter Session:

6. Blue Haze by Hek187, Big Dawg EP:

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4 thoughts on “Marvin Suicide : 153 – Sorry I’m late Miss…

  1. Nick

    Don’t read nothing, don’t listen to much either, no need, s’all the same, already know what I need to.

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