Reality Check: Eastercon ’08, part one

Originally podcast on Sci-Fi London
The first of two shows looking at this year’s Sci-Fi literary convention Orbital ’08 which was Easter weekend in Heathrow and features interviews with professional writers and fans. In this week’s episode Alex Fitch is talking to Nickey Barnard, an SF fan who has moved from being a member of the audience at panels to one of the hosts, science-fiction writer James Swallow (Star Trek: Voyager, Blake’s 7 audio), Christopher Teague, publisher of Pendragon Press which offers a place for first time genre writers to release their books and comic book creator Bryan Talbot (Alice in Sunderland).

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Links: Orbital Eastercon website
Read a Blake’s 7 short story co-written by Nickey Barnard
James Swallow’s website
Pendragon Press‘ website
Bryan Talbot’s ‘official fanpage’
Listen to Alex’s previous interview with Bryan

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