I’m ready for my close-up: The worlds of Bryan Talbot

In this episode of “I’m ready for my close-up”, Alex Fitch’s guests are Bryan Talbot & Mark Wright, creator and adaptor respectively of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright… In an interview recorded at the Bristol Comics Expo, Alex talks to Bryan about his career in comics, focusing on Luther and Alice in Sunderland and in a seperate interview, asks Mark about the challenges of converting a graphic novel to the audio medium…
Originally broadcast 24th May 2007 (mp3 format, 28.6mb)

N.B./ The competition mentioned in the show has now closed.

Links: Find details about Bryan’s Alice in Sunderland signing tour
Read a review of Alice in Sunderland in comic strip form
Wikipedia pages on The Adventures of Luther Arkwright
and Bryan Talbot
More info on Bryan’s exhibition at The Cartoon Museum which runs to the beginning of July
Buy / sample The Adventures of Luther Arkwright web comic
Buy / download the trailer for The Adventures of Luther Arkwright audio adaptation
More info on Bryan’s next project Cherubs
…which is drawn by former close-up guest Mark Stafford
For more info and a selection of different file formats you can download or stream, please visit the home of this episode at www.archive.com

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