Marvin Suicide : 152 – Glittering Diary Of My Life

So I was talking to this guy the other day about getting a stainless flowed manifold for my car when out of the blue he just fell over. I thought he’d fainted but after one of his colleagues tried resuscitation it became apparent the poor fellow had died. Right in front of me.

The following week a young couple stopped me and asked if I knew where the King’s Head pub was. As I began to give them directions they both dropped to the floor. With my heart pounding and head spinning I checked them for any signs of life, but my worst fears were realised because they too had instantaneously died.

After a further three similar occurrences I have come to the conclusion that either I am literally boring people to death or the rear left quarter of my brain has awoken and it has evil intent.

Here is the tracklist with included links for this episode:

1. Official Pillow by Killahertz, Jack-Jack:

2. In The Embers (Christian Bloch Remix) by I Am An Exit, Polar:

3. Everybody Delight by Brightblack Morning Light:

4. Red Barren by Catgut, Scarlet Pantaloons:

5. Escapist by Emmauel Farley, Awkward Sex:

6. MIA by M.I.A. & Diplo, Piracy Funds Terrorism Volume 1:

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