Six Pillars – Animating Iran: Maryam Mohajer

Animation can often do what film cannot. Maryam has found her metier in animation and even though she only graduated a short while ago, she has already been shown in several international galleries and completed a residency in Austria.Maryam’s films touch on, amongst other things, the innocence of youth, the trivia of everyday life in an Iranian setting of peaceful times at war. She seems to use animation to blot out landscapes or surrounding distractions to the action that goes on between her characters. She also using a technique that keeps roughly drawn lines in constant agitation, as if the mind was up there on screen also and her simple style both in text and drawing contrasts with the complexity of the situations depicted.

We listen to music by Abjeez (slang for sister in Persian), discuss living away from your home town, animation as a trade, films in general, “The Girl With the Short Hair” Maryam’s film and more.