Panel Borders: Manhua! China Comics Now part 1 – Yishan Li

Originally broadcast 13/03/08 as part of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM
This is the first of two podcasts looking at the Manhua! China comics now exhibition at the London College of Communication in the Elephant and Castle. Manhua! China comics now is a month long exhibition featuring the best of recent Chinese comic book art. In this episode Alex Fitch is talking to artist Yishan Li, about her art, her love of the comics medium and her influences. Also: this podcast includes a recording of Paul Gravett’s introduction and tour of the opening room of the exhibition…

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Links: Info on Manhua! China comics now at the LCC website, Paul Gravett’s website and the China Now website
Yishan Li’s websiteResonance’s Asian culture show – Lucky Cat’s blog


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