I’m ready for my close-up: Looking for Sweeney Todd

I’m ready for my close-up: Looking for Sweeney Todd, Originally broadcast 21/02/08

Recently brought to the attention of a new generation of media consumers through Tim Burton’s adaptation of the musical “Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of Fleet Street“, Todd has been terrifying Londoners for over 160 years. In a monologue written by Alex Fitch, comedienne Jessica Fostekew takes us on a tour of Sweeney’s haunts both actual and real from his birth in folklore and “penny dreadfuls” to his reincarnation as the star of biographies reprinted in the Daily Mail and a grand guignol avatar in the form of Johnny Depp. Jess and Alex try to sort out the facts of Sweeney’s “life” from the fiction through a literary landscape littered with comic strips, tabloid preoccupations and rivers running red with blood…

Performed by Jessica Fostekew, written by Alex Fitch, recorded and edited by Robin Warren

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