Cassette: Episode 1

Cassette covers the history, culture, and future of the audio cassette tape. Each episode takes a cassette-based theme and brings together enthusiasts and experts to shed further light on it.

Produced and presented by Naomi Christie.

The report of my death was an exaggeration.

“In the noughties the press was filled with news of the demise of the audio-cassette tape, but the obituary may have been written too soon. Bands like Chips for the Poor are still releasing music on tape, and record labels such as Tape Club Records continue to produce albums using the format. Naomi Christie uses enough Resonance 104.4FM airtime to fill Side A of a C60 tape chatting to Scott Bradbury and Michael Garrad from band Chips for the Poor about their decision to release music on cassette. And she speaks with Will Evans from Tape Club Records about how he came to help bands release their music on tape.

Originally broadcast on 7th April 2012