Marvin Suicide : 144 – Audio Aubergine Speciale

This weeks episode of marvin suicide is dedicated to the website Audio Aubergine.

All the songs were downloaded from Audio Aubergine, so please visit Audio Aubergine for further information. That’s Audio Aubergine.

Here is the tracklisterings:

1. Fiddlestix by Courtezan

2. ynn bcn 02 by yan_g, 4 songs of dusks and dawns

3. Dave by Ed Chamberlain

4. Accidental by Spakatronic

5. Fairfield by Greg Scrase, Koko EP

6. Localvocal by Cryowave Murry

7. Split Me (LRAB remix) by Little Rabbit, Regeneration Cubicle

8. Aqua Bud by dB, Aqua EP

9. Exterminate by Paul Blackford, Robbed And Reworked

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