Wavelength – Artists’ Records?

This week’s programme incudes records as Art by artists whose primary activity is Art, such as Pipilotti Rist (presently exhibiting at The Hayward Gallery), Cranfield and Slade whose 12″ record “12 Sun Songs” is on yellow vinyl with no label thereby resembling the sun itself, and records by recording artists whose main activity is producing music. Can you hear the difference? Tracks, not in order of playing; Soundtracks de las video instalaciones de Pipilotti Rist, Pulled Over by Paul A. Rosales and R. Stevie Moore, Sunrise and Red Rubber Ball by Cranfield and Slade from 12 Sun Songs (This record is part of the artists’ book series by Christopher Keller Editions and second in a series of artists’ records produced by the Or Gallery Vancouver), To Err is Human by The Godz from Pass on this Side, originally recorded in the 1970s and then released in 1998.