Wavelength – Let England Shake.

…back in Syston Health Centre, the muzak in the waiting room is now playing “Have you seen her” by The Chi-Lites. Fight the Flu with a quick simple jab. Your mystery pain could have a name. Low immunity, are you at risk? A voicemail from the Nu Swift fire extinguisher service engineer. Sorry about the fiasco last week, will I be in tomorrow morning? No. An email from my brother who is in New Orleans working on a remake of Point Blank starring Jennifer Lopez. The delay between analogue and digital. You need a scart cable, a set top box and a new remote control. Market Harborough has a short platform. Does it matter if it’s 15:05:00 or 15:05:01? MM’s Bar by Sandra Cross, Wall Street by Van Dyke Parks, Three Hundred Grams of Latex and Steel in One Day by Evol, 3 tracks from Let England Shake by P.J. Harvey.