Looking Good, Feeling Great Episode 4 – Clever Use Of An Interesting Quality

Hello. I want to talk to you. Are you in the mood for soft voices? Lovely hula hands? Let’s end our routine with the ‘leg-over’ movement. You are going to relax. You will relax. Make yourself comfortable. You are enjoying a massage, which is being skillfully applied. You walk naked. You get on this escalator. Down towards the floor. Gaze at it intently. Now don’t lose it. I don’t want you to be sick. Take it through the nose. Let the face go. Very soothing. Put it in a nutshell. You’re flat on the floor again. Blame the gypsies. Let them touch the body. Feels good.

We’re all the same.

Join Robin The Fog as he digs up a plethora of inspirational, aspirational and instructional recordings of highly dubious vintage and embarks on a cut-and-paste odyssey that is by turns amusing, absurd and, on at least one occasion, almost unbearable. The very final episode in the current series.