Wavelength – James Tregaskis

Guest Rhonan O’Reilly aka James Tregaskis almost delivers a lecture on hydrogen and Gurdjieff but fate and a temperamental laptop force an anticipated change of direction. Chants of the Native American Church of North America featuring Alfred Armstrong and Ralph Turtle provide a backdrop to some information about Gurdjieff before the laptop sulks into silence. Carlo Gesualdo (1560-1613), Prince of Venosa, was also a composer of Madrigals. In 1590 he had his wife and her paramour murdered. His use of chromatic scale passages was, in those days, unheard of as were the effects he was able to extract from harmonies revolving around a pivotal note. The laptop is coaxed into action and James continues with a recording of Gurdjieff’s music for harmonium and a conversation about macaroni before briefly describing meetings in West London where Gurdjieff and Ouspensky apparently inspire social interaction in the Fourth Way. Who knows.