Marvin Suicide : 141 – Mud On My Reeboks

If you like things what are different and like things that are musical and like things that have not got many of the boom booms in, then you may very well enjoy this episode. It complies with the above statement.

As an added bonus, if you like anything you hear in this episode (or any previous episodes) you can download it for free off of that world wide websites place on your computer.

Here is the tracklisting:

1. Nebbia by Ars Deco, Sospesa:

2. Sheffield: A Town With 490,000 Inhabitants by Forceps, Granular Synthesis:

3. Content Of Her Smile by Bannister Boy, Lullabye:

4. Te by Federico Monti, Panorama:

5. John Peel by Delia Derbyshire:

6. Shedding Memory by Idle Sunder vs. Doktraz, Rust:

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