Hello GoodBye Show 24 March 2012: Booze and One Unique Signal

Performing live in session on the show this afternoon we have both Booze and One Unique Signal.

A supergroup no less of Demian Castellenos of previous guests on the Hello GoodBye Show, The Oscillation and Milo Smee of psychedelic space orchestra Chrome Hoof, who paired up to form the wonderfully named Booze to record their sparse, bass-driven debut LP 1/2 for All Time Low Recordings while on break from their main projects. The music is hypnotic and minimal and has just been taken out of the studio for their first live tour.

One Unique Signal:
Making their live debut on Resonance FM, One Unique Signal have been wowing the kids with their guitar noise attack for a couple of years now. With an album and EP to their name, they are repetitive, loud and
well strung out, or as described by head Head Julian Cope: “the many headed mole that is One Unique Signal wears a German helmet surmounted by an all-weather arc light, kevlar’n’steel shoulder epaulets and
close fitting drainage boots, his weapon-of-choice is the archaic-but-reliable Binson Echoplex, his totem is the gatefold inner of ON YOUR FEET OR ON YOUR KNEES (molto guitars’n’loco drone), and his
sparse Inner Soundtrack appears to have been informed by a simply repeated diet of HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN GRILL-period Hawkwind, the aforemenched Loop and plenny plenny Spacemen Three.” — Julian Cope, Head Heritage Album of the Month

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