Art Monthly Talk Show 9th March 2012

Private Moments

Morgan Quaintance makes the case for imaginative engagement as a form of participation

Discussion around particpatory art has missed one important category of engagement. Where is the analysis of artists – such as Manon de Boer and Marjolijn Dijkman – who purposefully cue up and then direct the individual viewer’s imagination?

‘Since the 1960s a real devaluation of the individual subject has seen the position of the communal and societal group as the rightful addressee of participatory art ossify.’  From the feature by Private Moments Morgan Quaintance in issue 354 March 2012  Art Monthly

The programme is hosted by Matt Hale who has worked at Art Monthly since 1991.

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One thought on “Art Monthly Talk Show 9th March 2012

  1. jill newman

    …don’t mean to be rude but……..
    I was initially interested in this content so started reading the blurb…….INCOMPREHENSIBLE!
    Unreadable “art-speak” prose. I am an artist, too, but this language is beyond me- and probably most others. It’s a shame as it alienates one from the core of the piece of work. it’s off-putting.
    it might be about something relevant to me but I just wouldn’t know!
    Simple language please.
    Thank you
    Ps: love Resonance x

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