Polish Deli 11 3 2012 with Adam Ziemianin

Second week in a row we focus on literature in Polish Deli. This time we talk to Adam Ziemianin, a Cracow based poet best known for his poems sung by Stare Dobre Malzenstwo.

We talk about Adam’s most recent book ‘Wilcze Podniebienie’ and his first attempts to write novels, rather than poetry. We also discuss his career and beginnings and get a chance to listen to ‘Stare Dobre Malzenstwo’, ‘Wolna Grupa Bukowina’ and Marek Galazka singing our guest’s lyrics. And yes, the surname of our guest being the same as the surname of our host is not just a coincidence, we are family!;-)

language: Polish

to find out more about Adam go to: http://www.poezja-polska.pl/ziemianin/