The Bike Show: Fixed Fever

Insane fixed wheel bicycleOver the past five years a craze for riding bicycles with only one gear and no freewheel has taken off, in New York, London, Sydney and cities all around the world. We take a long hard look at the merits and excesses of the scene. Featuring an extended interview with the mystery man behind the Bike Snob NYC blog, Roxy Erickson of London’s Trixie Chix and Gabriel Nogueira, one of the prime movers in the small but growing fixed wheel crowd in Curitiba, southern Brazil.


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This week’s show also featured the soundtrack of the fantastic short film Bicycle Samba, by Sophie Clements and John Hendicott.

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One thought on “The Bike Show: Fixed Fever

  1. richard

    Hello all,
    Fixed wheel bikes are great as long as the terrian doesn’t change too much or you do not have to carry too much, I did it for years without thought when I was young and fit and good luck to those who enjoy this now. it’s fun

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