Hello GoodBye Show 18 February 2012: Mucky Sailor

Mucky Sailor have set sail from Leeds, and navigated the length of the M1 to be with us today. The 2 man three piece, they set their synthesisers, vocals and drums to extremely high distortion. We loved their split EP with the late, lamented Poltergroom from last year (not least because it came with a free pencil) and spun their side Requiem for Sports Car on the show a few times last year. Their upcoming album Early Lad (slated for release in January 2037, according to their website) also displays their musical virtuosity and ability to peck from different genres especially in the orchestrated “Albatross, Silly Albatross” which features full brass section and micro dub breakdown two thirds of the way through.

And we are very excited to hear they will be bringing their own, bespoke musical ship’s wheel! — 8 tunable oscillators are played in sequence when you spin the wheel! We love a band who bring a visual element to their radio session.

And this is I Love Resonance FM week — the long and short of it is that Resonance needs £30k and quick to feed the monkeys that power the transmitter. So we want you to show your love in the only gesture that really counts in this harsh world, yes, that’s giving money! But not money for nothing — there are on air auctions all week, so listen in and bid!

We – as last year – on the Hello GoodBye Show are selling off a show minute by minute at a rate of just £10 each! Use the time to promote your band/cause/political views/small business/megaglobal corporation. Email auction@resonancefm.com with the subject header “e5? and buy time on the Resonance airwaves. Last year we sold all 90 minutes and a bit more (we went over into the next week’s show) making just over £900 for Resonance FM, let’s see if we can beat that this year!

Track List:
BØREDØM – Lap Dance of Rats
Mucky Sailor – Harbingers of Taste (LIVE SESSION)
Mucky Sailor – I Wanna Be Fat (LIVE SESSION)
Mucky Sailor – Reverse Scrumping (LIVE SESSION)
Hookworms – I Have Some Business Out West
Godsy – The Canyon Shadows Cry
Female Band – One Day The Sea Will Swallow Me
O-Arc – Hope (HG archive)
Mucky Sailor – ‘Interview’
The Protagonists of David Gadsdon – My Private Anarchy (HG archive)
Mucky Sailor – Belles of Beefy (aka Beefy Belles) (LIVE SESSION)
Mucky Sailor – VN00001-20110803-1300 (LIVE SESSION)
Mucky Sailor – Trans Pennine Express (LIVE SESSION)
Astrakan – ITV Player

Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin, Leanne Bower & Tom Kemp

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