Hello GoodBye Show 11 Feb 2012: Blang Records Special

A Blang Records special on Hello GoodBye today, featuring live music from: Sergeant Buzfuz & Slate Islands.

Joe Murphy fronts the band Sergeant Buzfuz who hail from all over these islands but are based in South London. April 9th 2012 will see the release of the 5th Buzfuz LP: “Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself” (Blang Records) in which he chronicles the first fourteen centuries of the history of the papacy. This project all began when Joe tried telling a potted history of the papacy within the confines of a 5 minute pop(e) song, he eventually stopped when the song clocked up a full 7 minutes (and had only just reached the end of the first millennium!) The first half of the new album is loosely rooted in the traditional folk/pop song style, while the second half becomes a more experimental mix of post-punk, dub, ambient and improv.

Sergeant Buzfuz will be performing “Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself” as a one-man show for sixteen nights at the Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe in August 2012.

In 2002 Joe became the first person outside the US to promote Anti-Folk when he started his monthly Blang nights at London’s 12 Bar Club featuring many acts from NYC. These nights became a focal point for the nascent London Anti-Folk community and sparked the formation of the Blang record label (which Joe co-runs with JJ Crash). Antifolk is modern folk music with an emphasis on story-telling. Other Blang acts include Thomas Truax and David Cronenberg’s Wife.

While the members of the contemporary, Celtic folk-noir group Slate Islands are currently based in South London, they all originally hail from far further afield (their lead singer Polly MacLean grew up on a small island in the Inner Hebrides.) Their songs grow in the gaps between places: Scotland and England, the island and the mainland, the country and the city, past and present, reality and fantasy.

Track List:

Johnny Dankworth his Orchestra & Guests – Serjeant Buzfuz
Sergeant Buzfuz – Hole In The Wall (LIVE SESSION)
Sergeant Buzfuz – Gregory XII Vs. Benedict XIII (LIVE SESSION)
Sergeant Buzfuz – Benedictus The Fake (LIVE SESSION)
Sergeant Buzfuz – Council Of Pisa (LIVE SESSION)
Sergeant Buzfuz – Unholy Trinity (LIVE SESSION)
Piney Gir – Miss Havisham
Sergeant Buzfuz – ’Interview’
Jack Day – I Have Been Conveyed
Binko Swink – Body Naked
Bleak House – Oil Burner
Keshco – Like Home
Mucky Sailor – Albatross, Silly Albatross
Thomas Truax – February What ya Doin To Me
Slate Islands – Iron Brew (LIVE SESSION)
Slate Islands – Small Hours (LIVE SESSION)
Slate Islands – The Poison Cup Of Love (LIVE SESSION)
Slate Islands – The Rules Of Engagement (LIVE SESSION)
Spike Milligan – On the Ning Nang Nong
Slate Islands – ’Interview’
Uriah Heep – Bird Of Prey

Live sound engineers: Leanna Bower, Tom Kemp & Joe Oldfield

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