Sine Of The Times 14.01.2012

The cutting edge of London bass culture, hosted by Rita Maia. For the first show of the new year, she’s playing all the releases from December that were missed out on due to Resonance FM’s holiday closure, plus a whole bunch more slated for the coming months,
tracks from Hotflush and Deep Medi. It’s an hour and a half crammed choc-full of new product, with little room for interruption.

Get digging:

Juju & Jordash – African Flower Cosmic Dub
Memotone – Chew
Memotone – Small Good Things
Neon Cloud – Knit (Sun Glitters Remix)
Little Dragon – Crystalfilm (Close Remix)
Scuba – Never (Close Remix)
Octo Octa – Blush (House Mix)
Octo Octa – Float Keys
Locked Groove – Rooted (Forthcoming Hotflush)
Graphics -There’s A Way Back (Dam Mantle Remix)
XI – Squeeze
In The Meadow Under The Stars ( Remix)
Goth Trad – Mirage (Forthcoming Deep Medi)
Taz – Ebb Flow
Klic & Lokiboi – Won’t – Funkystepz Remix
DrexCiya – Lardossen Funk
Throwing Snow – Too Polite
Co La – Smooth Solidarity
Co La – Turned Twice

Thanks for listening!
Sine Of The Times with Rita Maia – Saturday 9 – 10.30 PM.
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