Marvin Suicide : 136 – Choo choo

This is the latest instalment of marvin suicide.

These are the tracklistings for it:

1. Ninjastjerne by Danny Blackbelt Anderson, Ninjastjerne:

2. Hi-fi by Christian Bloch, Infidelity:

3. Good Night Sweden by Dinah Bird, VT9:

4. Radhe-Shyam In Bliss Land by A Taste Of Ra, A Taste Of Ra:

5. Ant Fights by Catgut:

Catgut at Podshow (normal site not working)

6. PHWINUMS by Ergo Phizmiz:

7. Track 2 by Yuichiro Fujimoto, Kinoe:

8. 32 Degrees by Opiate:

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