Hello GoodBye Show 10 September 2011: Emily & The Faves and Sexton Ming

We have live performances this Saturday lunchtime from Sexton Ming and Emily & the Faves.

Renaissance man Sexton Ming is a painter, poet, musician and ‘keeper of the fire‘ for Outsider Music with his own Rim Records imprint. Sexton has been a regular guest on various programmes for Resonance FM over the years and is a particular favourite of the Hello GoodBye Show. He is about to celebrate his half century and has promised to drop by the studio with a handful of poems, a few exclusive tunes from his latest collaboration with Billy Childish plus all the details regarding his upcoming 50th Birthday Party!.

Emily & the Faves have been whipping up a lot of interest in their native Merseyside with their bright and breezy psychedelic pop songs and now hope to take London by storm as they embark upon a series of gigs here in the capital.

Track List:

Lumpen Noblemen – Scaling The Yablonois
Now – Monotone Plug Suggestion
Jason McNiff – Tombola
Lime Headed Dog – Labrador (HG archive)
Cleckhuddersfax – A Decree
Emily & the Faves – I Never Saw (LIVE SESSION)
Emily & the Faves – Lazy (LIVE SESSION)
Emily & the Faves – This Time (LIVE SESSION)
Sexton Ming – Evil David Bowie
Sexton Ming – Interview
Bird Radio – London The Forest
Scuzz Homo – Satan Is A Secret Nappy Fetishist
Sexton Ming – Feed The Bread To The Byrds (LIVE SESSION)
Sexton Ming – Goodbye Eric
Emily & the Faves – Is It Still Nighttime? (LIVE SESSION)
Emily & the Faves – Sometimes (LIVE SESSION)
Emily & the Faves – Golden Hair (LIVE SESSION)
Stealing Sheep – I Am The Rain
Emily & the Faves – Interview