Hello GoodBye Show 3 September 2011: Trogons and Benjamin Shaw

Hot, sweaty, burnt and blistered!

deXter Bentley peels himself off his clammy sun lounger to return to air with Hello GoodBye, midday every Saturday lunchtime from the 3rd September.

With live music stretching from the ominous, introverted alchemy of Benjamin Shaw, to the outer reaches of neo-psychedelic reverie with Trogons.

Trogons’ soaring vocals and chiming guitars recall the late ’80s psychedelia of Slowdive, The Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil. Both tuneful and droneful, the London-based four-piece are regulars on the capital’s live circuit and have notched up a number of prestigious slots. Today they make their Resonance live debut and, by rights, tomorrow they’ll be signed to 4AD!
Their forthcoming 7’’ single, ‘Awakenings’ will be released on X Ray Recordings.

Benjamin Shaw’s debut album, ‘There’s Always Hope, There’s Always Cabernet’ is due for release on November 21st on the Audio Anti-Hero imprint.. The album’s impenetrable Lo-Fi Megasoul will either propel him up into the stratosphere or deep down into the abyss. Either way, it’ll be great with dissonance and majesty smothering your principles.

If you’re not tuned in then you’re not listening!

Track Listing:
Eternal Tapestry – Galactic Dialect
Hong Kong in the 60s – When You were Dreaming
Trogons – Forge (LIVE SESSION)
Trogons – Awakenings (LIVE SESSION)
Trogons – Where’s My Sword? (LIVE SESSION)
The Honeycombs – I Can Tell Something’s Up
Poino – Code Brown
Trogons – Interview
Band of Holy Joy – Oh What a Thing this Heart of Man
The Plan – Call Me Spike if You Like
Sexton Ming – The Milk Goes in the Baby
Emily and the Faves – White Night
The Catcher Nine – Driving Overflow
Benjamin Shaw – How to Test the Depth of a Well (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Shaw – Home (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Shaw – Pig (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Shaw – I Got the Pox, the Pox is what I Got (LIVE SESSION)
Beards – Brick by Boulder
Benjamin Shaw – Interview
Terror Bird – Married Women
Bomber Jackets – Strange Sensation