Panel Borders: The art of Steve Yeowell

Steve YeowellAlex Fitch and Duncan Nott interview artist Steve Yeowell, a 2000AD veteran who has worked on both sides of the Atlantic. Yeowell achieved early fame collaborating with Grant Morrison on the superhero epic Zenith and the first storyline in The Invisibles plus more esoteric titles such as The new adventures of Hitler, Sebastian O & Skrull Kill Krew. More recently Yeowell has returned to 2000AD working with Ian Edgington on such scripts as Detonator X and The Red Seas

In comics news: This weekend it’s Caption Fest 2007 in Oxford where small press artists and writers present their work and there’re workshops presented by awawrd winning graphic novelist Al Davidson (The Spiral Cage).

Also: The Observer has launched a competition to find new comics artists and writers so if you think you can create a short story using pictures, word balloons and captions that fits on a single page of A4, visit Random House’s Graphic Novels website for more details.

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