I’m ready for my close-up: Paul Cornell – ‘Human Nature’ & the BSFA

There were 2 interviews with Paul Cornell on “I’m ready for my close-up” last week – the first conducted by Graham Sleight at the British Science Fiction Association meeting in January about Paul’s history as a writer, the 1990s Doctor Who novels and Marvel comics… The second by Alex Fitch, was recorded more recently concerns Paul adaptaing Human Nature for the small screen and also writing for the second series of ITV’s Primaeval… Plus an interview with Hugo award winning critic and writer Farah Mendlesohn about the work of the BSFA…
Originally broadcast 10.30 pm, 31th May 2007 (mp3 format, 26.7mb)

Links: Download / read the original novel online
Paul’s blog
Graham’s website
Farah’s blog
Wikipedia pages on Paul Cornell, the novel Human Nature and the BSFA
The BSFA’s website
The BBC’s Doctor Who website
Pre-order Paul’s graphic novel Wisdom from Forbidden Planet international
Download the trailer for / buy Paul’s most recent Doctor Who audio CD – Circular Time
For more info and a selection of different file formats you can download or stream, please visit the home of this episode at www.archive.com

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